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Unusual Questions for Deeper Connections

The social card game that inspires unforgettable conversations, prompts hilarious stories, and lets you get to know the people in your life in a whole new way.

An open FLUSTER box with the Laugh Pack and Spicy Pack

Why do people love FLUSTER?

A FLUSTER card, reading: "How do you think your exes would describe you?"

No More Conversational Autopilot

FLUSTER is a surefire way to get past the small talk and into the fascinating conversations that we all wish we could have more often.

Two FLUSTER cards, titled "FLUSTER" and "Around the Horn"

Endless Possibilities

With simple gameplay that rewards vulnerability, FLUSTER can spark infinite fun and memorable moments.

Three hands holding FLUSTER Reaction Cards

Beautiful Design

Photoreflective line work and a quick-close magnetic lid make FLUSTER look great in any setting.

What people are saying

What people are asking

The base game contains 100 question cards, 8 reaction cards, 10 FLUSTER cards, 8 Around the Horn cards, and a How To FLUSTER booklet.

The Spicy Pack has 27 question cards and 3 Blind Date cards.

The Laugh Pack has 27 question cards and 3 Rewrite cards.

There are many ways to play FLUSTER, and many people just start picking up cards and asking questions without any rules at all!

In this version, which we call FLUSTER Classic, the more revealing your answers are, the juicier the questions you get to ask, so don’t hold back on those succulent details!

1. Everyone picks up 5 question cards and a reaction card.

2. One person starts by asking someone else a question. Start with one that has a single !. (Pick up a new card after you ask a question, so you always have 5.)

3. That person gives their answer, and everyone else holds up a reaction card to signal how strongly the answer resonated with them (!, !!, or !!!), based on honesty, humour, vulnerability, or whatever is important to you.

4. The answerer then gets to ask someone a question with the same number of !’s (or fewer) as the average reaction they received.

5. That’s it! No score, no winners and losers. Play as long as you want!

Special Cards:
Play on any question except ones you ask.

FLUSTER: Turn the question back to the asker.

Around the Horn: Everyone answers the question. The asker then picks their favourite answer and that person goes next.

The stylish design and compact size make FLUSTER perfect to bring to a party, pack for a road trip, or leave on your coffee table to spark spontaneous conversations. It's the perfect gift for men, women, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, family members, anniversaries, and housewarming parties. It makes a great addition to an adult game night, or even for gatherings of people who (think they) don't like board games and card games! If you're going to play with your family or coworkers, we recommend flipping through the cards ahead of time and taking out a few of the more provocative ones.

You can learn to play FLUSTER in a few minutes. Games can be as long or short as you want. You can play for a few minutes, or a few hours.

We recommend the base game and Laugh Pack for ages 14+ and the Spicy Pack for 17+. The questions are intended for adults, so the topics might not be as relevant to kids and teens, but most questions are appropriate for all ages—with some exceptions.

The two founders of FLUSTER with their arm around each other

Made by friends, for friends

Devon and Walker have been best friends since they were five years old. They created FLUSTER to help people make space in their lives for meaningful conversations, deeper connections, and self-discovery through play. They launched the project through a successful Kickstarter campaign and the FLUSTER community has grown around the world ever since!