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Take Us on a Date!

Download our first date challenge to take your next date to the next level with thought-provoking questions.

A phone screen with the FLUSTER First-Date Challenge

FLUSTER's First Date Challenge

Welcome to FLUSTER's First Date Challenge! In this free download, you'll find two sets of questions that bypass the awkward small talk of a first date and get you and your date learning about each other right away. 

We designed this starter kit to help people through the extra weirdness of online and distanced first dates, but the questions are also fun to learn something new about someone you've been seeing for a while!

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If you enjoyed using these questions to get to know your date, then you'll love FLUSTER! It's a game that uses these questions and many more to deepen connections between friends, bring out hilarious stories, and inspire insightful moments. Check it out here!