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Our Story

FLUSTER is the game that makes friends out of strangers and reveals things you never knew about your closest friends!

What is FLUSTER?

A truly memorable conversation is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it’s rare for those conversations to happen organically. It seems to take the perfect alchemy of the right group of people in the right situation (with the right amount of wine). But what if it didn’t? What if you could foster truly memorable conversations whenever you wanted? That’s the promise of FLUSTER.

FLUSTER is based around a deck of 100 unusual questions that inspire thought-provoking conversations and hilarious stories. Sometimes people will start discussing a question, and then two hours later remember that they were playing a game at all. That's exactly how we want FLUSTER to be played: however you like.

Origin Story

FLUSTER was created by two friends, Devon and Walker, after a memorable experience Devon had several years ago. He was sitting naked in a natural hot spring with two old friends and a few strangers. One of the strangers was a man who loved to travel the world, and he asked the group a handful of unusual questions that he had asked people all throughout his travels.

In the course of the night, these questions revealed things Devon never would have learned about his close friends. Not only that, the whole group bonded, and spent the next couple days together. Weeks later, he was still thinking about that night, and he told Walker about the experience.

Making it a Reality

Together, Devon and Walker started thinking about the ways they could spark these moments for themselves and their community (without a magical naked man, starry night sky, and natural hot spring). The project was born: find ways to create opportunities for human connection and personal insights.

The key was creating questions that unearthed unspoken thoughts, feelings that get pushed to the side, and the parts of life that rarely come up in conversation otherwise. It started as a stack of Post-it Notes, then one homemade deck, then 10, then 100, and so on. Friends and family wanted them, and Walker and Devon knew the need existed in the world for fun ways to connect on a deeper level. Launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign, the FLUSTER community is now growing around the world.

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