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FLUSTER Complete Combo: Base Game, Spicy Pack & Laugh Pack

For the ultimate FLUSTER experience at the best value, go for this combo pack! You'll get a FLUSTER deck plus both of our expansions. That's a total of of more than 150 memorable and thought-provoking questions. 

The Spicy Pack adds some heat, with vulnerable and thoughtful questions about sex, relationships, and attraction. While the Laugh Pack provides some comic relief with questions that evoke hilarious stories and explore what makes you laugh and why. 

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"We all agreed this is the best ice breaker game we’ve ever played... It’s a great game with tons of replay value for mostly any occasion."

Review from TheChuggernauts.com

I laughed, I learned, and we all left the party knowing so many funny and interesting things about each other. I also learned a whole lot about myself!

- Jarrett (Vancouver)

I ended up becoming great friends with a total stranger at a house party, and after that I decided to buy a deck to play at work! It's really helped me build better relationships with some of my colleagues!

- Ravi (London)

It's especially good when you already really appreciate the people you're with, and then they reveal all these surprising things you never knew, and it's like, oh my gawd I love you even MORE.

- Hanna (North Vancouver)

On a family vacation, our usually demure family became the most rowdy table in the restaurant as FLUSTER brought out the juiciest of family lore!

- Alex (Toronto)